Viral Video Ad of the Week – 10/10/11 – Sony Playstation Michael

This week’s viral advert is a true celebration of the video game geek. Released by Sony Playstation the advert is entitled “Michael” and is part of their “Long Live Play” campaign – promoting the PS3.

The ad features a bunch of much loved characters from past and present Playstation titles who come together to celebrate “Michael” – the gamer who has orchestrated all their adventures.

Last month Scott Steinberg – VP of Product Marketing at Sony Playstation announced in the Playstation blog that they are on the lookout for “few good gamers to help us with a special assignment related to our new Long Live Play campaign”. They asked gamers to write in 30 words or less why they are the ultimate Playstation gamer and to attached a picture holding a PS3 controller. “Michael” is the final result.

On the first day of upload it elapsed over 2 million views, with Techcrunch writing “Good job, Sony. You won the internet today”. In the five days since it was uploaded it has amassed just under 8 million views with nearly 80,000 “likes”.

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